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Grzegorz Kirchner

Grzegorz Kirchner, photography by Tomek Zerek

Grzegorz Kirchner was born in Poland in 1949. The Kirchner family came to the United States in 1960.

They first settled in Redford Township before eventually moving to Hamtramck at mother’s request. Grzegorz Kirchner graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit with a degree in physics. After graduation, he assumed leadership of the Polish section in the Polish-African American Project, a study of the relations between Polish expatriates and the Afro-American community in Hamtramck.

Up until 1971, with a camera in hand, he documented the social and cultural life of Polish expats in his hometown, sending his photos to local newspapers. 1975 was the year Grzegorz Kirchner became a businessman. His first venture, the Continental Baking Company, was based in Detroit.

He was interviewed by Anna Muller on 17 August 2015 in Hamtramck.

interview excerpts
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Everything is close in Hamtramck
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Uncle’s moving
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Polish-African American relations
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