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Andrzej  Seweryn

Andrzej Seweryn, photography by Wojciech Olszanka/East News

Andrzej Seweryn was born on 25th April 1946 in Heilbronn, Germany. He graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw and later he started working at the academy as an academic teacher. He performed at the Ateneum Theatre and the TV Theatre, he also starred in films by Agnieszka Holland and Andrzej Wajda. In 1968, he was sentenced to prison for being an anti-communist activist.

In 1980, he left for France to take part in a play titled “Them” based on plays by Stefan I. Witkiewicz. Due to the introduction of the martial law in Poland Andrzej Seweryn could come back to Poland only at the beginning of the 1990s. In Paris he was a member of Comédie Française and taught acting.

He was decorated with the Commander's Cross of Polonia Restituta and the French National Order of Merit.

Andrzej Seweryn came back to Poland in 2010. He is the director of the Polish Theatre in Warsaw.

Emigration experiences of Andrzej Seweryn
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