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Arek Mazur

Arek Mazur, photography by Barbara Ostrowska

Arek Mazur was born in 1962 in Gdańsk. His mother’s family comes from Pomerania and Arek’s father came to Tricity from south Poland. Music was really important at the Mazur’s house; Arek’s father played and sang in a choir, hence, Arek’s subsequent fascination with jazz. After completing primary school Arek Mazur began his education in one of the finest high schools in Gdańsk, in a class with extended curriculum in Biology and Chemistry. In high school Arek became interested in the UK, especially in its history and language. After his final exam he chose two majors: Pharmacology at the Medical University, which he abandoned, and Athletic Recover at the Sports Academy which he graduated receiving his MA title.

During his studies Arek Mazur came across a new specialty, Chiropractic, unknown in Poland at the time. He also started thinking about leaving Poland and going to London. When he arrived to the UK, due to a fortunate coincidence, he commenced work as an athletic performance physiologist at the British Olympic Medical Centre at Northwick Park Hospital in London. Soon he also commenced studying Chiropractic at Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. He graduated in 1993, becoming the Doctor of Chiropractic. During his studies he met his future wife, Sophie, of Dutch origin. Their children, Katarzyna and Jan, were born in the UK.

Mr and Mrs Mazur, while living in the UK, met the British elite, including the members of the Royal Family. Arek Mazur also came back to his hobby, jazz music. After thirty years in emigration the family decided to re-emigrate to Sopot, Poland. Here Arek Mazur, together with his wife Sophie, set up a private practice and became involved in establishing a new major: Chiropractic. Currently, Arek Mazur has his own practice in Sopot. He is one of six certified chiropractors in Poland.

Interviewed by Iwona Demska on 10th February 2016 in Sopot.

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First impressions
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Social life in London
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