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Czesław  Mozil

Czesław Mozil, photography by Wojciech Olszanka/East News

Czesław Mozil was born on 12th April 1979 in Zabrze to a Polish-Ukrainian family. At the age of six he left Poland with his parents and went to Denmark. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

He came back to Poland at the age of 28. He set up a music band called Czesław Śpiewa and released his first record titled “Debiut” (Debut). He has released four records so far. Later, he set up a Polish-Danish Tesco Value band and performed with numerous Polish musicians. Together with Jarek Szubrycht he wrote his autobiography titled "Nie tak łatwo być Czesławem" (It’s not easy being Czesław).

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Emigration experiences of Czesław Mozil
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