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Rafael  Lewandowski

Rafael Lewandowski, photography by Dawid Galiński

Rafael Lewandowski was born on 22nd October 1969 in Reims. His parents met when his mother, a French, went skiing to Karpacz. Rafael Lewandowski was raised in France.

He graduated from the Faculty of Cinematography at the Sorbonne and the Faculty of Directing at La Fémis (Fondation européenne des métiers de l'image et du son). In France he has filmed more than 80 accounts of people who survived the Holocaust for “Survivors of the Shoah”, the Steven Spielberg’s foundation.

He makes documentaries and feature films showing the present and old history of Poland and Poles. He is passionate about the cinema, but, as he claims, one can make good feature films if one can observe and direct reality and the best way to learn it is to make documentaries.

In 2003 Rafael Lewandowski came back to Poland. For his film titled “Kret” ("The Mole") he received the Paszport Polityki (Polityka’s Passport) award. In 2015, he was appointed the Chevalier (Knight) of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government.

Emigration experiences of Rafael Lewandowski
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