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Wojciech Sikora

Wojciech Sikora, photography by Przemysław Kozłowski

Wojciech Sikora was born on 16th April 1956 in Cracow. He studied Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University and he became involved in anti-social movements. He organized a boycott of the Cracovian yearly student carnival after the death of Stanisław Pyjas. He was the editor and distributor of underground publications and he was in the management board of the Independent Students’ Association.

For his anti-communist activity he was detained and arrested multiple times. At the beginning of 1981 he and his friends left Poland for a couple of months to roam about Europe. During the introduction of the martial law he was in France, where he stayed.

He continued his efforts for the benefit of the Polish resistance by organizing meetings and lectures on the “Solidarity” movement at universities in Sweden, Germany and France. He began cooperating with the Literature Institute in Maisons-Laffitte, one of the most significant Polish emigration publishing houses. He worked with the Free Europe Radio and organized scholarships for the creators of the Polish culture under the Aid Fund for Independent Literature and Science. His output in emigration for the benefit of “Solidarity” prevented his return to Poland until 1991.

Wojciech Sikora lives in France and is the director of the Literature Institute in Maisons-Laffitte.

Interviewed by Sebastian Furtak and Jacek Debis in October 2011 in Maisons-Laffitte.

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