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Emigration experiences of Michał Zadara
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Michał Zadara, fot. Jacek Domiński/East News
Michał Zadara, photography by Jacek Domiński/East News

Michał Zadara was born on 19th October 1976 in Warsaw. At the age of three he left Poland together with his parents and went to Australia.

He studied Political Sciences and Theatre Studies at Swarthmore College in Philadelphia. In 2001, he came back to Poland and began studying at the Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Cracow, the Faculty of Drama Directing. He has been working at the National Theatre in Warsaw, the Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk and the Old Theatre in Cracow.

His output includes reinterpretation of classical works by Wyspiański, Kochanowski and Rej. He shows how the content and the message of those texts can still resonate with the experiences of a modern Pole.

Michał Zadara is the laurate of Paszport Polityki 2007 (Polityka’s Passport Plebiscite).