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Mirosław Wawrysz biogram
Mirosław Wawrysz, photography by Tomek Zerek

Mirosław Wawrysz was born in 1935. His entire family comes from Wołyń. During the Second World War the Wawrysz family was taken to Germany and after the war they decided to stay there. The lands they originated from were incorporated into the Soviet Union. In 1945, the Wawrysz family reached Solingen, a small town in western Germany, which, after the Germany’s partition, was located in the British occupation zone. There Mirosław Wawrysz commenced his education in a Polish public school, in the “Warszawa” Polish Camp.

The Wawrysz family left Europe in 1950. After moving to Hamtramck Mirosław Wawrysz became involved in the local companies. He had numerous performances with the „Młody Teatr” (Young Theatre) company and worked as an actor until the 1970s. Mirosław Wawrysz’s wife, Dorota, also comes from a Polish family.

Interviewed by Anna Muller in Troy in 2015.


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